About city: Toledo

Today Toledo is a small town numbering only several dozens of thousands of inhabitants. Under Charles V, the most powerful monarch of his time, Toledo was the capital of Great Span-ish Empire.

Later Philips II moved the capital to the north of the country, in Madrid, and it seems that since then time stopped for Toledo. The city survived almost intact until nowadays – walls, nar-row paved streets, and towers. All this makes Toledo especially attractive for tourists today.

You may have the most beautiful view of the city from the hill you need to ascend from Alkantara Bridge. The view will include a picturesque bend of Tagus River, Alkantara Bridge and stronghold of Alkazar.

The most interesting pastime in Toledo is to saunter along its old paved alleys, the same way as inhabitants of the city did it hundreds of years ago. You can then feel yourself in a town of far Middle Ages. Almost everywhere you will be able to admire wonderful medieval buildings, as well as nearby Roman Catholic churches, mosques and synagogues. And there is nothing surprising in it, as Christians, Muslims and Jews peacefully coexisted in the city for many centu-ries.

When in Toledo, you should mess about its environs, go across Alkantara Bridge, drop in Alkazar and visit Toledo Cathedral, as well as Tornerias Mosque, Santa Maria la Blanca (the oldest synagogue on the territory of Europe), Zokodover Square, and Catholic monasteries.

Toledo is only 72 kilometers of Madrid, that’s why you'd go there just from this Spanish capital. South of Toledo there are Toledo Mountains, so if you plan to go to the coast, you will have to first return to Madrid and then go to the south. This applies to visiting all other cities – it would be much more convenient to start all trips just in Madrid.

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