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Youth resort Torremolinos is located 18 kilometers to the south from the railway station of Malaga, and 7 kilometers of the airport of Malaga. It is vey convenient regarding ease of tra-vel, especially if you travel over several cities of Spain. Torremolinos is considered to be one of the most popular and mass resorts on Costa del Sol. The resort is reputed as youth resort, and it is quiet true.

The main highway goes through the upper town. It is connected with the beach by a long and fairly steep stair. There are many hotels along the highway, but they aren’t that conve-nient. Their prices are almost the same as those of beach hotels, and besides, it would be fairly tiring to go up and down the stair every day.

Every night there open a great number of different clubs and bars around the port, which are crowded with young people. Indeed, they are merry and very democratic, so Torremoli-nos is the opposite of Marbella – recreation, amusement and simply pleasant pastime are affordable there for everyone and not only for selected.

If you are going to actively mess around bars and clubs, try to find an hotel or a suite in the immediate vicinity of the port. Otherwise, you'll have to go there by taxi and return on foot as it will be difficult to find a cabman in Torremolinos at night.

There is at least as interesting resort to the south of the port – Benalmadena. It has curious recreation parks, an aquarium. In fact, the port (clubbing center) belongs to Benalmadena, it is just between the two towns. Benalmadena has a common promenade (La Carihuela) with Torremolinos going along the coast of the sea.

Torremolinos is perfect for beach holidays. Its sand beach stretches for several kilometers. It is about 30 meters wide, so there will be enough space for everyone, those who prefer deck chairs and those who can easily do without them. The service is on all beaches. La Carihuela goes along the beach. Near the port and around hotel Melia (on the outskirts of Torremolinos) there go motor-cars on it while the center of the promenade stretching for several kilometers is only for pedestrians.

For lovers of Andalusian cuisine, there have been built a multitude of restaurants and ta-verns all along the coast. Near each tavern there installed a ship where sardines on coals are grilled, – a delicious dish, which you can taste nearly everywhere on Costa del Sol.

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