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About place: Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol (Sun Coast) is at the southernmost side of interminable line of Spanish re-sorts. It has gained its wide popularity thanks to its wonderful and very wide beaches stret-ching for hundreds of kilometers. It isn’t surprising that the most famous and most exclusive resorts of Spain are located just in this region.

Costa del Sol stretches from Malaga to the small town of Estepona. Malaga is the capital city of Costa del Sol, and is a large industrial city and port. There is no sense in staying there, however, one-day tour of the city would be just mandatory. There is a strong castle Alcazaba atop the mountain dominating Malaga. To get acquainted with Spanish culture, you may go to corrida. If you are interested in art, you can visit the museum house of Picasso to see where this great painter was born.

Torremolinos is 18 km to the south of Malaga, and 7 km of the airport. It can be consi-dered as the most popular resort in the south of Spain. Torremolinos is rightly reputed as a youth resort.

There is a great number of various clubs and bars crowded with young people in the port district. They are really merry and open to everyone, so Torremolinos is the opposite of Mar-belia – recreation, amusements, and pleasant pastime are affordable there to everyone, and not only to the selected.

Benalmadena is in the immediate vicinity of Torremolinos, and in turn is adjacent to Fu-engirola. All of them have a single long embankment, which is always crowded with vaca-tioners at night. These resorts have excellent beaches. The width of the beaches is several dozens of meters. You can get browned either on deck-chairs or simply on towels. Even in high season it wouldn’t be crowded there.

Several kilometers to the south of Fuengirola there is another resort of Costa del Sol – Marbelia. If you have a dream to casually say in the company of your friends: «I've been to Marbelia», you should be very careful with its realization.

Marbelia is a city with population of 120 000 people. The city is too large to be a resort, so it would be a mistake to go directly to Marbelia with a thought of elite recreation.

There are only two large hotels in the costal district of Marbelia, but they don’t have their own territory. Marbelia has a very beautiful embankment, but its beaches are small and very narrow. And if you decide to stay at the hotel, which is located somewhere in residential quarters, it would be quite sad.

All those who dream of elite holidays in Marbelia should remember that it wouldn’t be possible unless you observe the following conditions:

You check in at one of 5-Star hotels in-between Marbelia and Puerto-Banus. The cost of a room is in the range of 300-500 EUR per day there. Can you afford it?
You or at least your friends have a yacht moored at the marina of Puerto-Banus. Have you a yacht there?
It is a custom to go to the marina of Puerto-Banus in a Lamborghini or Ferrari, or at least in a Bentley. Otherwise they don’t understand you. Have you such limo?
The frequenters of Marbelia always play golf. Are you’re a member of local golf club where the selected public gathers?
Elite recreation in Marbelia usually takes place at closed parties. Is there any chance that someone will invite you there?

If you answer all these questions in affirmative, then Marbelia is just what you need. If you can not give a positive answer to at least one of above questions, you should think hard, so that you have no disappointments.

To be serious, traditions of elite holidays in Marbelia have been originated by the Saudi king Fatkh, who built there a life-size replica of the American White House. Then a Jose Ba-nus built there one of the most splendid marinas (an elaborate docking facility for yachts) in the Mediterranean. Around Puerto Banus there has grown a super exclusive settlement of expensive villas and estates. Later, there emerged chic hotels, golf clubs and every other thing, which are required by the very rich public for recreation and amusements.

To be exact, elite holidays are possible just there, in Puerto Banus, and not in Marbelia. And it is quite reasonable that the holidays should occur far from curious eyes of regular tour-ists. It remains for them only to take snapshots against the background of luxurious motor cars and pleasure boats moored at Puerto Banus. And you must admit that it is a very doubt-ful pleasure.

Therefore, you can have very good beach holidays at one of the resorts of Costa del Sol. From there you can make interesting trips to Malaga, Seville, Ronda or Granada. If you don’t want to be disappointed with Marbelia, you should carefully estimate your financial opportuni-ties.

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