Undoubtedly, this most beautiful cathedral is a compositional center of Venice. It is here that all tourists aim at when going along narrow streets from the railway station or running in a vaporetto on the Grand Canal. Near the Cathedral of St. Mark (San Marco) the other tourist attractions of Venice are located: the Doge`s Palace, the St. Mark`s Square, the Campanile, and the Bridge of Sighs
There are a great number of beautiful palaces in Venice, but the Doge`s Palace, also known as Palazzo Ducale, may be referred to the main tourist sights of the city along with the St. Mark`s Cathedral
Grand or Great Canal is the main thoroughfare providing for the life of the city. It zigzags through the whole Venice making it possible for tourists to fast, and with no problems, get from either the railway or bus station to the primary tourist attractions of Venice. Also on the Grand Canal you can see police, ambulance and garbage boats, as well as cargo ships – without this canal the life of Venice would have been stopped
St. Mark`s Square, located in the center of Venice in front of the cathedral of the same name, can be rightly considered as one of the most beautiful squares in the world. According to the Venetians, it is also the most photographed place in the world. And indeed, you could be tired of the concentration of tourists on the St. Mark`s Square but for the surprising energy of this place
A gondola ride along the narrow canals of Venice may be considered as one of the most interesting experiences of you visit to this city, and if you go there on a romantic journey with your beloved, then without a gondola ride you impression of Venice would be incomplete
Perhaps, the most beautiful of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal is the Rialto Bridge. The Rialto Bridge isn’t only the most beautiful bridge, it is also the first and the oldest bridge connecting the banks of the Grand Canal
Campanile is one of the main dominants of Venice, the tallest structure in the city. Its height is 98.6 meters. Apart from its primary function, as a bell tower of the St. Mark`s Cathedral, the Campanile also performed not the least important function of a lighthouse for the ships approaching the Venetian Lagoon
The Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge`s Palace to the city prison. Despite its romantic name, it doesn’t concern the sighs of sweethearts who admired sunsets from the bridge. The prisoners were led from the damp prison to the interrogation rooms at the Doge`s Palace and they sighed having seen sunlight through the carved grilles of the bridge. Here is such sad story
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