Lido di Jesolo

About place: Lido di Jesolo

As Italy is washed by sea from all sides, it is quite logic that there are a lot of resorts, however, you should consider local specifics when choosing a place for your vacation in this country. As a rule, they go to Italy to see the sights of great Roman Empire and Venice, to go shopping in Milan, and to get acquainted with Italian cuisine and lifestyle.

If it seems to you that the hotels you stay at are either too expensive or not very good, while service isn’t at proper level, try not to think of it, and by no means should you compare your holidays in Italy with those in Turkey or Egypt. If you are interested in all inclusive service, animation and closed beaches, you shouldn’t go to Italy.

Lido di Jesolo is one of the most famous beach resorts in Italy where all advantages of Italian holidays are perfectly fit to infrastructure of this resort. It features a very wide sand beach with gently sloping bank. The water is also clean and warm enough. At night everyone saunter along pedestrian streets, have meals in restaurants, etc. In other words, they relax in every possible ways.

Lido di Jesolo has a very advantageous location. Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is only a 40-minute trip from this resort. The railway station of Mestre is half an hour trip from Lido di Jesolo from where you can go to any point of Italy. It takes about 3 hours to get to Milan or Florence by a fast train. You should spare at least 2 day for these cities.

As well, you can get to Verona, Padua or Bologna for 40 minutes (also by a fast train). You can spend there a day. Lake Garda is also an hour trip from Lido di Jesolo, but it would be better to go there by a rented car to have an opportunity to visit different places of the lake. All of them are wonderful and most beautiful cities of Italy, which can give you the most exciting experiences.

Lido di Jesolo is perfect for family holidays. You can find there no noisy youth parties, though, of course, there a lot of young people at the resort. Lido di Jesolo is more suitable for those who like calm sea, sand beaches and excellent cuisine, as well as interesting cultural program.
So, if you prefer all inclusive hotels with their large premises and closed beaches (as in Turkey and Egypt), then Italy isn’t you choice. The hotels of Lido di Jesolo, as those of all other Italian resorts, don’t have own territories, and all beaches are municipal property, so, they have no animation.

There are no 5-Star hotels in Lido di Jesolo. The existing 3-4-Star hotels (only with breakfast) are often more expensive than 5-Star all inclusive hotels of Turkey, at the same time Italian hotels often have small rooms with old furniture. Alas, Italian holidays are quite expensive, but it doesn’t make them less attractive.

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