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For the lovers of medieval architecture Siena may be of the greatest interest, as the historic center of the city remained almost intact from the 13 century. The two most interesting places are in the center of the city: Campo Square (Piazza del Campo) with the famous Palazzo Pubblico (Town Hall) and the Siena Cathedral. For a long time you can walk around them in the narrow medieval streets.

Campo Square can be considered as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. It is small, but everything looks very harmonious there. The square has a gentle slope, shaped like an amphitheater, going down towards the Palazzo Pubblico. The square is dominated by a tower.

Siena Cathedral also known as Duomo di Siena was built in the 12 century, although its further decoration took several centuries. However, today you can see it in its entire splendor (and in some cities, such as Bologna, the cathedral decoration had never been finished). The interior and exterior decoration of the cathedral is as magnificent that it makes the cathedral one of the most beautiful in Italy.

A very interesting attraction of Siena may be considered the streets in the central part of the city. They are very narrow and look like gorges. The streets of 3-4 meters wide overhung by stone houses are almost everywhere paved with ancient cobbles.
Don’t be lazy and ascend to the main viewing points of the city. The first one is the tower of the Palazzo Pubblico. And the second one is a tower at the Siena Cathedral. From both towers you can have wonderful views. Looking down at the rooftops of Siena you can feel in full the old age of the city.

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