About place: Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit has a very interesting and unusual landscape. It is a narrow strip of land stretching along the Eastern Coast of the Baltic Sea. From Lithuania you can get there only taking a ferry in Klaipeda. Also, you can go there from Russian Kaliningrad. However, in this case you will have to cross Russian-Lithuanian border, which is just in the middle of Kurshskaya kosa.

There are three resort villages on Curonian Spit, on the strip of several dozens kilometers from Klaipeda to the border. However, Nida is the most famous resort. It is near the border of the country. The village is located not far from sandy dunes, one of the primary tourist attractions of Curonian Spit. There are many private hotels in Nida where you can have a very good time, as well as cottages leased by natives for long periods of time.

Nida is on the side of the bay, so to take a bathe in the Baltic Sea you will have to go about two kilometers along the wood path. There are also dunes on the coast of the Baltic Sea. So it is comfortable to get browned there, as the dunes can screen you from cool winds. And before you go to the beach, you should know the temperature of sea water in the hotel. As even in summer it can be as cold as to make your bathing rather uncomfortable.

Essentially, sandy dunes are a desert covered in places with grass or low bushes. And though their area is only several square kilometers, they are so curious that you could easily spend a day there.

The tallest dune reaches the height of several dozens of meters. You can approach it by car (it is rather far from Nida to go there on foot). From the observation deck of the sandy hill you can have a wonderful view of the entire Kurshskaya kosa. Then you can go down and wander among the dunes.

As a rule, resorts of Nida or Yodkrante are chosen by tourists of older age, who appreciate comfort, beautiful nature, and clean air, as well as close location. And all this you can find on Curonian Spit. Pine woods, dunes and sea – all of them provide clean air and very picturesque scenery.

It takes at most an hour to fly there from most European countries. Another youth resort Palanga, located not far from Klaipeda, has also an international airport, receiving in summer time a large number of flights from major European cities, such as Frankfurt, Copenhagen, etc.

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