St. Julian`s

About place: St. Julian`s

It is quite logic that tourism should be an important item of profits on such a small Mediterranean island as Malta. It features warm sea, a lot of sunny days, and historical sites, however, you can easily find all this in its nearest neighbors – Italy, Greece, and Tunisia. That’s why several decades ago there was adopted the program of English-language teaching on Malta. This allowed Malta to occupy its own niche on the market combining educational pro-grams with beach vacations and informative tourism.

Today there are dozens of English schools on Malta offering language courses of different levels and continuation. It is absolutely logic that just young people from all countries of Eu-rope go there to study the language. And with such concentration of youth on Malta, there couldn’t but emerge youth resorts, such as St. Julian's.

Of course, their subpopulation is different from that of Ibiza or Mikonos. If they go to Ibiza and Mikonos for clubbing and sex, correspondingly, they go to Malta for knowledge. So, you can find there a good, serious life's partner or at least have your holidays in the company of positive young people.

The main resorts of Malta are in the immediate vicinity of its capital, La Valetta. Opposite La Valletta, on the other side of the bay, there is a fashionable resort Slima, and just behind it St. Julian's is located. There concentrated more than a half of all expensive hotels of Malta in these two towns, though you can find there accommodation offers of any level.

St. Julian's has acquired its reputation of youth resort because a great number of various hot spots, such as pubs, taverns and clubs, are just there. However, if you go in for clubs and night amusements, you should go to Paceville (near St. Julian's).

Paceville is an amusement center of Malta, which is active all round the night. For exam-ple, the club Axis, a kind of clubbing center, doesn’t close its doors until the morning. It is one of the largest night clubs in Europe capable of simultaneous accommodation of several thou-sand people on its four dance floors.

Among the other popular youth establishments you can single out Alley Bar, Coconut Grove&Remedy, Barfunk, Empire Bar&Club, Fuego Salsa Bar, and Habana Bar. All of them are in Paceville. Generally, it is convenient that a small area contains such a number of pubs and clubs to any taste and dance style. All these clubs are within walking distance of one another.

St. Julian's has one of the best sand beaches on the island where, as is known, most beaches are stony. However, bathing within the limits of the town wouldn’t be the best variant, so you should spend your vacations on the wild, around some solitary bay.

As regards tourist attractions, no other place is comparable with Malta by their concentra-tion on a compact territory. There are many places, which would be interesting for lovers of architecture and history of knighthood, as well as beautiful natural sites. The entire island is covered with low but picturesque mountains contributing to the beauties of landscape.

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