Marrakech is a very specific Berber city. There you can not just see some curious sites, such as palaces, mosques or gardens, but feel the spirit of Arabic city, though you shouldn’t expect something extraordinary
Agadir is the most pleasant beach resort in Morocco, as it is one of the few cities having more or less adequate tourist infrastructure. And besides, it is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean
When we hear the word `desert`, we usually think about the boundless space of sand crossed by a caravan of camels. Actually, most of the deserts are much less interesting, generally, they are but boundless stony, and absolutely arid and lifeless, spaces. And only in some places, such as Merzouga, a desert looks just this way – boundless sand dunes
The city of Ouarzazate is 350 km of Agadir and 200 km of Morocco. The city itself isn’t a significant tourist center but definitely, there is something to see in its environs
Ait-Ben-Haddou is the most magnificent fortress situated on the bank of a picturesque river. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List