Pena Palace (Palácio da Pena)
About place: Pena Palace (Palácio da Pena)

This magnificent castle erected at the top of the hill is as wonderful as Neuschwanstein located near Munich. And though it is built in quite different style, it somehow resembles Neuschwanstein. Probably, it has something to do with the romantic atmosphere surrounding both the castles. By the way, Pena was also built by the prince of Bavaria.

Pena is atop the rock, dominating the city of Sintra. Since XV century the city had been inhabited by Portuguese nobility. There are many beautiful villas and estates in Sintra. You can specially mention the Sintra National Palace (also known as the Royal Palace of Sintra), which is a bright example of medieval architecture of Portugal.

Pena National Palace was laid down by the king Ferdinand II of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on the site of former Hieronymite convent in 1839. It had been constructed for forty years. Simulta-neously in the environs of the palace a park was planted, which is now included in the wonderful architectural ensemble consisting of Monserrate Palace and a Moorish Fortress where you can easily spend the entire day. If you plan to go from Lisbon to Sintra for a day, you must know that all palaces are closed at 4 in the afternoon. So, you should arrive there as early as possible, say at 8-9 in the morning. However, one day wouldn’t be enough to see all attractions of the city and will regret it, that’s why you should stay in Sintra for two days.

Pena Palace is a mixture of Renaissance, Moorish, Gothic and Manuelino styles. It makes it very picturesque and romantic. One wing is a chapel, another wing is a Moorish castle, and the other is a chivalrous castle. The palace is dominated by two towers.

The Palace is surrounded by a wonderful park. About 200 hectares are covered with plants from different corners of the world, for example sequoias, gigantic ferns, cypresses, magnolias and multitude of other exotic trees. Picturesque ruins are scattered all around the territory, which is very impressive.

In the center of Sintra, near the National Palace there is a pointer of Pena Palace, but you'd take a bus. Alternatively, you go there on foot but the path is very steep, so the climb would be too tiring. A bus trip would take about 10 minutes. In the first pace you should visit the Palace properly, and then the Park, Monserrate Palace and Moorish Fortress.

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