Durmitor National Park

About place: Durmitor National Park

There are boulders overgrown with mosses on the shores of mountain lakes. Dense con-iferous woods come close to the lakes. And you can scarcely believe that only 3 hour-trip from here there is the Adriatic Sea with its mild climate, palms and olives.

The city of Zablic is the main resort of Durmitor. In winter you can go in for skiing there, though in summer you can spend here 2-3 days, strolling or bicycling on numerous wood paths made along the lakes. The most interesting attraction of Durmitor is the Black Lake (it is in the immediate vicinity of Zablic). It is said that its waters, which are generally clear and even tur-quoise, get black in bad weather.

As to skiing infrastructure, it is inferior to those of Switzerland or Austria, but features a lot of various tracks and picturesque mountain slopes. Zablic itself is a young city, that’s why its fairly random development makes it difficult to get to ski lifts from remote hotels or private houses.

Durmitor has one more natural site – Canyon of Tara River. It stretches for several dozens kilometers to south-east of Zablic.


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