About city: Petrovats

Petrovats is the last big resort town in the region of Budva Riviera. South of Petrovats tourist infrastructure is represented only by single hotels and lodgings.

Petrovats has certain advantages over the other coastal towns. For example, there are nei-ther steep inclines on you way to the hotel, as in San-Stefano, nor boisterous night parties, as in Budva. All this determined tourist niche of Petrovats – resort for families with small children. Though, of course, you could go there without children.

Also Petrovats has a good embankment creating the atmosphere of resort. At night there are a lot of people on the embankment, having a stroll or sitting in restaurants.

There is a small beach, which can be fairly cramped in the peak of the season, in Petrovats. However, people go there all the same, as its sandy, which is unusual for Adriatic coast of Bal-kan Peninsula.

There is a huge pine forest near the town. A path goes through the forest, along which most tourists like to have a stroll. The aroma of pines is blended with the smell of the sea. These promenades would be especially pleasant in the evening, when the sun isn’t as hot. By way of the path, passing on your way several caves, you could get to the far beach, which isn’t as packed as the municipal one. The beach is about 2 kilometers of the city, however, this will be a pleasant stroll. The pleasure path is started at Danica Hotel.

In front of the bay of Petrovats there are two small islands, Sveta Nedjelja and Katic. On Sveta Nedjelja, which is closer to the coast, a shipwrecked fisherman built a small chapel. Now all visitors of the island can toll the bell.

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