The most famous cathedral in Paris and France, Notre-Dame de Paris, was laid down by Archbishop Maurice de Sully in 1163
The palace has a long and glorious history. The Louvre was built in XIII century and since then it was continuously rebuilt and extended
The tower was constructed by Gustave Eiffel for the world`s fair of 1900
La Saint Chapelle is a germ of Gothic architecture. It was built by the order of Louis IX (the Saint) to store the «crucifixion thorn of Jesus Christ»
On Place d’Etoile where 12 roads converge they began to construct a large triumphal arch to commemorate the victories of Napoleon in 1806
It is the most famous street of Paris and if you are strong enough you can easily cross it on foot, from Place de la Concorde to L’Arch de Triumphe
The district is a favourite place of not only tourists but also the Parisians
The museum is located in the former building of Paris railway station, Gare d`Orsay
The square appeared in Paris in the reign of Louis XV, and then it was beyond the limits of the city
The garden is separated from the Louvre by tunnel, built on the site of Palace de Tuileries, which was one of the main residences of Napoleon and kings in XIX century
The palace was built for Marie de Medici, who desired to live in a building similar to her native Florentine palazzo
Under Napoleon III it was decided to construct a new building of Opera Theatre
Today`s Palais de Chaillot was built in 1937 on the site of the old palace of Trocadero
On the strip of land stretching from Place Vauban to the Seine Embankment there is a huge complex, called Les Invalides
The stern building resembles a medieval castle. It dates back to the end of the XIII century, the reign of Philippe IV the Fair
In spite of its name it is the oldest bridge of Paris. It consists of two spans and traverses the entire Cité
Some people consider it as one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris
It is a beautiful pedestrian bridge, where you can get from the Tuileries Embankment
It is one of the oldest squares of Paris, designed in the domain of duke of Vendôm in 1699
The most beautiful strip of the street is from the Place de la Concorde to Hotel de Ville (City Hall)
The arch is an approximate copy of the Arch of Septimius Severus, which is on the Forum of Capitol Hill in Rome
The entrance of Louvre (from Rivoli Street) is just opposite Palais Royale
Grand Palais was built in 1897
The Academy was opened in the reign of Louis XV, by initiative of his favourite Madame de Pompadour, so that even poor young men could make a military career
The temple was built in the reign of Napoleon to honour his military victories
It is one of the most famous Paris cabarets located on Place Blanche, Montmartre
This theatre was built in 1989 by President Mitterrand, who wanted to make opera and classic music more affordable for common people
French President Georges-Pompidou decided to build a large cultural center in 1969
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