About country: Vietnam

The country stretches for thousands of kilometers along the South China Sea coast of Indochina Peninsula. Recently, there have been actively developed seaside resorts, such as Nha Trang and Phan Thiet.

On the extreme north of Vietnam, near Hongthai and Halong (you can easily get there from Hanoi), there is one the most beautiful places of Asia, Halong Bay. It is dotted with thousands islets which are remains of limestone ranges submerged into emerald green waters. Among them Vietnamese boats are going under red sails, creating romantic atmosphere.

For 150 years, till 1945, Hué has been the capital of the imperial Vietnam. Now it is one of the most curious cities for those who are interested in history, architecture and cultural monuments. The most interesting attractions of Hué are Ngo Mon Gate and Thai Palace, though generally all historical center of the city can be considered a museum. Not far from Hué there are the tombs of emperors, which can be quite regarded as small towns.

The best beach resorts of Vietnam are Nha Trang and Phan Thiet. There are wonderful sandy beaches and palms. New-built hotels have a good resort atmosphere.

Also, you can have a good rest on some island, for example Phu Quoc Island. Besides beaches, there are jungles and mountains, giving an opportunity not only for passive but also for active holidays. Also, it is a popular diving spot.

Near Danang there are the Marble Mountains, or «Five elements mountains». They are composed of variously coloured marble and there are many gorges and caves. The largest caves have Buddhist sanctuaries.

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