About country: Brazil

The country apparently has been created for tourism. It has every opportunity for almost any type of recreation, from excellent beaches and beautiful nature to «carnival» festivities. Southern sun and spirited Brazilians create a very favorable atmosphere for good rest.

Most tourists start their trips to Brazil from Rio de Janiero. And generally, you can have a good vacation even in this large megalopolis with population of 10 million people. But it is a peculiar city located on the shore of a picturesque bay enclosed by beautiful mountains. There is an excellent Copacabana Beach where you can not only get a suntan and bath but also go in for sports, such as volleyball, football, etc, as well as surfing. As a rule, it is uncommon to just lie on beach beds there.

As in any other large city you'll have no problems with night entertainments in Rio. There are many night clubs, discos, restaurants and other entertainment establishments in the city. And all this make Rio a tourist city.

If you want to get something special, you must be prepared for long trips. So, you can see Iguazu Falls or travel over the world's longest Amazon River, or make a trip to Ilia Grande or Fernardo de Noronia.

Iguazu Falls is on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. It is the largest waterfall in the world. Iguazu Falls is mainly on the territory of Argentina, but most beautiful views of the waterfall you can have only in Brazil.

Brazil has a lot of seaside resorts. They are the islands of Ilia Grande, Barra Grande, Buzios, and Trancoso. Near Recife there is Fernardo de Noronia Archipelago. It is the most popular diving spot in Brazil, but tourist access is restricted so that not to spoil the ecosystem of the area.

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