About sight: Centre Pompidou

Forum des Halles
If you cross the Street of Rivoli and go away from the Louvre towards the residential quarters, you get near this famous market. There are no special sights, except that it is one of the oldest parts of Paris. So, you can just have a stroll there and enjoy the architecture of Paris center.
Centre Georges-Pompidou. French President Georges-Pompidou decided to build a large cultural center in 1969. And though the structure is very similar to an oil plant, it contains the world's largest National Museum of Modern Art which is very popular among tourists. There you can see very interesting expositions of Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky, Dali, Chagal and many other artists.

Les Forum des Halles. Formerly it was the busiest food market of the older Paris, but there was erected a huge glass and metal complex of Forum des Halles in 1971. Neat the market there is a junction of 4 metro stations, which make it one of the main transport hubs of the city.

La Bourse de commerce. Earlier the circular building of today's Commodity Exchange was the grain market. It dates from 1765, but even now it is actively used. Near the exchange a large garden has been planted with various modern monuments.

L'église Saint-Eustache. The church opens to the garden of Commodity Exchange. It was founded in 1532, but was finished only in 1637. And it is a wonderful combination of Gothic and Renaissance. There also located the tomb of Colbert, the finance minister under Louis XIV in chapel of the church.

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