The capital of Bavaria, Munich, is considered one of the most comfortable European cities. Though Munich is a large industrial center of Germany, you are hardly aware of it
Cologne and Bonn are in the immediate vicinity of each other. If you have a car, it would take you only about 20 minute to get from one city to the other
Just opposite the cathedral there is the central railway station of the city. There you can take a train to Bonn. Travel time would be at most 30 minutes. Bonn is a small university town, and though there are neither huge cathedrals nor palaces, it has quite a cozy atmosphere
Berlin was the capital of Prussia already in the reign of Frederich the Great, though Germany then was but a conglomerate of independent principalities
In Middle Ages Bremen was one of the most important members of the Hanseatic League. At one time the League included more than 200 cities, however, after 17th century only three cities still belonged to the Hansa – Lubeck, Hamburg and Bremen
This large city in the north of German is one of the most populated industrial centers of the country
This small town in the south of Germany has been preserved almost unchanged since late middle ages. So, when visiting this town you can feel yourself in the atmosphere of XVII century, amid small houses and stone pavements
If you are interested in the history of the Hansa, and if you want to see trade cities of the Middle Ages, then Lubeck would be the best place to visit. The city is at the mouth of Trave River in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea, though there is canal connecting the port with the sea
One of the most interesting tourist routes in Germany goes through the old towns of Fran-conia and Bavaria, and is also known as the «Romantic Road»
One of the most beautiful places of Bavaria is Berchtesgaden, located at the border with Austria. It has a very favourable climate, as well as the purest mountain air, allowing older people to spend comfortable vacations there. Many people go there only to have a treatment at some balneology resort
If you have ever had a book about the most beautiful castles in the world, you should re-member its cover with a wonderful white castle at the background of Alpine mountains. As a rule, just Neuschwanstein is depicted on the covers of most books on castles, which means that it is the most beautiful castle in the world