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Palais du Luxembourg – Quartier Latin

It is one of the busiest districts of the city because of a great number of youth and universities of Quartier Latin. You may long wander along the alleys of the district and then have a rest in Luxembourg Garden.

Palais du Luxembourg. The palace was built for Marie de Medici, who desired to live in a building similar to her native Florentine palazzo. In 1612 she bought the palace of duke of Luxembourg with its fairly extensive domain and commissioned the new building in 1615, which is today called Luxembourg Palace. Also she directed to plant a garden which is now one of the best gardens of Paris. There are always many people, especially students of nearby Sorbonne, in the Luxembourg Garden. You must see the Medici Fountain there.

L'église Saint-Sulpice & Fontaine des Quatre Parties du Mond. It is the second largest temple of Paris after the famous Notre Dame de Paris. The church was built by six architects for 134 years. That’s why the project was repeatedly changed. As a result, there was built a church with antique facade and two towers. There is a very curious Fountain of the Four Part of the World near the church.

Panthéon. Louis XV began to build the Church of St. Genevieve in 1744, but during the Revolution it became the Temple of Glory, designed for burials of great people. This huge Pantheon is 110 meters long and 83 meters high. There are burial vaults of such outstanding individuals as Rousseau, Hugo, Voltaire, Zola and many other people. And in 2002 Alexander Dumas the Senior was buried in the Pantheon.

L'église Saint-Etienne-du-Mont. The temple is on the square near the Pantheon. The church has a unique mix of Gothic and Renaissance on its three frontons.

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