About place: Chartres

It is a small town, about 90 km south-west of Paris, in direction of Nantes. It is noted for its medieval cathedral Notre Dame de Chartes built in Gothic style and housing the tunic of Virgin (Saint Chemise). According to legend, she wore it when she gave birth to Jesus Christ. The tunic was given to Chartres in 875 by Charles the Bald, a grandson of Charlemagne. Also, there are the relics and head of Anne, the mother of Blessed Virgin Marie in the cathedral.

There have always been churches on the site of today's cathedral since 350. The box with the tunic was stored there until the fire of 1194, so the relic wasn’t damaged. And in 1260 there was built today's cathedral.

In the center of the cathedral there was a stone circle of «maze», called the «road to Jerusalem». It was paved in about XIII century. The diameter of the circle was 13 meters, and the maze stretched for over 260 meters. The pilgrims had to pass it on their knees. The cathedral is also noted for its stained glass windows, which are mostly dedicated to Virgin Marie. Almost all of them (about 150) have survived since XIII century.

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