Greece travel guide: Greece

Greece is located at crossroad of the main Mediterranean seaways, therefore civilization emerged very early there. Its flourishing fell on the V century B.C. (over 2.5 thousand years ago). Actually, it was the first European civilization with the center in Athens.

The main tourists attraction of Athens is the ruins of ancient temples located on the Acropolis, for example famous Parthenon and Erechtheum with caryatids. Ancient Greek theatres at the foot of the hill. There are some other interesting hills near Acropolis, such as Areopagus, Pniks, and Philopappos. There also survived the Temple of Zeus. It takes 2-3 to visit all these historical sites.

Many other cities also have some certain or medieval historical sites but they aren’t as magnificent as those of Athens. So, if you can spare one or two days you can visit the ruins of Mycenae or Delphi. But otherwise, you'd better go to some island or spend your vacations at continental resorts.

Greece has a great number of islands, such as Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, and Lesbos. And everyone can find something to its taste. If you need good beaches, you should go to Rhodes, Corfu or Zacynthus. If you are young and only want uninhibited entertainments, you should go to Myconos. If you like historical sites, including legendary ones, you should go to Crete or Santorini. Or you can at once visit several islands.

Halkidiki also has very good opportunities for beach vacations (in the north of the peninsula near Salonika). There you can find perfect sandy beaches and mountains covered with pine woods. This place is very good for family vacations. The Holy Mount Athos is also on Halkidiki. There are about 20 autonomous monasteries in the district. Women are prohibited there. And if you are a religious person, this visit will be a great event for you.

Greece is one of the global centers of fur coat production. A small town Kastoria has dozens of factories where various fur coats are made. So, if you only want to buy a fur coat in Greece, you must go to Kastoria. And if you'd like to see something else, you can buy some fur coat in Athens. Surely, Kastoria has much wider choice of fur coats, but in Athens you can also buy some high-quality and fairly cheap fur coat. How to select fur coats see here.


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