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The city of Krabi is in the south of Thailand. Krabi itself wouldn’t be especially interesting for most tourists (though all of them say they go just to Krabi), but only half an hour trip of the city there is one of the most beautiful sites of Thailand - Ао Nang.

Originally, Ао Nang was but a beach and now it is also a well-known resort town, which has grown around the beach. There are a great number of hotels and inexpensive guest houses. The beach of Ао Nang is fairly big, but as a rule it isn’t too crammed as most people prefer to take a boat and go to the beaches of Phra Nang or Relay. Also, you can go to remote islands of Poda or Tub, featuring excellent sandy beaches.

All Krabi Province has exceptionally beautiful nature. Odd-shaped low mountains overgrown with jungles are quite suitable for shooting a film of Jurassic period or some such things, while Phra Nang or Relay can be included in the list of the finest beaches in the world. There is every-thing, which is so attractive for most tourists – turquoise waters, white coral sand, picturesque mountains and beautiful islands.

The beaches of Phra Nang, Relay and Ao Nang are very different from those of Phuket and Pattaya. You can see there neither deck chairs nor speeding water scooters. Only Thai boatmen bring tourists from Ao Nang and they enjoy splendid scenery, warm sea and clean sand.

Krabi will be quite suitable for those who used to spend their holidays in solitude, close to nature. On Ao Nang itself there is no active night life, excepting some small bars on the coast where sweet couples and families could spend their evening time. However, if you are young and full of energy, and also would like a bit of more active life, you have two variants.

Young people usually hang out on Relay Beach. From Ao Nang you can get there only by a motor boat. There are several hotels and guest houses on Relay, and at night all bars are swarmed with people. The other variant is seemingly more attractive. Having enjoyed silence and beauties of Krabi's beaches, you can make a trip to the islands of Phi Phi. After all excur-sions have departed it become quite clear that over 90% of vacationers on Phi Phi are young people under 35. At night in all beach bars of the isthmus absolutely uninhibited parties are held, which are tough enough.

From Krabi you can go to a fairly interesting tour of Phang-Nga Bay, which is particularly famous for James Bond Island represented by beautiful mountains and mangrove forests. The scenery is even more beautiful in the rainforest of Кhao-Sok, which is a national reserve.

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