Main sights: Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi is a volcano archipelago. Massive deeply submerged crags create very beautiful scenery. Though, of course, the main attraction of Phi Phi is beaches lapped by wondrously azure waters.

You could mark their unusual colour already before the landing of Phi Phi Don and then going in a boat from one beach to the other you can see how it change from azure to deep blue at different depths.

Phi Phi Don isn’t as beautiful as Phi Phi Lay. Therefore, tourists usually live on the larger island (Phi Phi Don) and make trips to the smaller one (Phi Phi Lay).

Coming to the landing of Phi Phi you note exceptionally beautiful azure water. Almost eve-rywhere on the islands the water has this peculiar light blue colour. However, in places, near Phi Phi Lay, the water can be of blue or deep blue colour.

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