Similan Islands

About island: Similan Islands

Similan Archipelago is one of the most beautiful places in the south of Thailand. Most divers acknowledge that Similan Islands are most suitable for submersions. The only problem is that you can not live on the islands. Similan Archipelago is a national park, and the only way to get there is to join some tour on Phuket.

However, access restrictions are rather conditional as there is a camping on the fourth island of this archipelago, where you can rent a bungalow or put a tent. However, they are often reserved by travel agencies of Phuket offering one-day (with a night stay) tours to the Similan Islands. Therefore, you'd better not run a risk with independent trips and buy a tour even though they can be quite expensive.

The name of the archipelago corresponds to the number of islands, which were once in-cluded in it. The case is that before the archipelago consisted of 9 islands. And ‘Similan’ is translated as «nine». The most beautiful beach or the «face» of the archipelago is the beach with polished boulders and the famous ‘sailboat’ cliff located on the main eighth island of Similan Archipelago of the same name. It has absolutely clean white sand, beautiful mountains, and smooth boulders, which are similar to those of the Seychelles, as well as azure water and corals. The main problem is that the island is often crowded with tourists. Alternatively, you can swim in the sea and get a bit browned, and then climb one of the cliffs to enjoy the beauties of the island.

Usually hydrofoils run between Phuket and Similan Islands. Travel time will be about one hour and a half. Moreover, you will spend the same time for a minibus trip from Patong to the landing.

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