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Already in the past century (XIX) there has been shaped a resort region in the south of France, which is today known as «Azure Coast» or «French Riviera». And the name is quite justifiable, and not only because of good beaches and azure sea. This resort region has such a peculiar history that, perhaps, no other world's resort can boast of.

Azure Coast (or Côte d'Azur) stretches from the border of Italy to the city of Toulon. From the north it is screened by a high range of Alpine Mountains, so there has been shaped a very mild climate, which is suitable even for tropical plants. French Riviera has always warm winter and comfortable summer.

Resort villages and cities of Azure Coast are very close to one another. The most famous of them are Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez and Antibes. However, the others are also worth your attention. They are Juan-le-Pins, Mentone, Villefranche, Gourdon, and Mandelieu.

The coastline of Côte d'Azur is indented with low cliffs, however, every city has a beach. But from Mentone to Antibes they are shingly and from Antibes to Toulon – they are sandy. In any case, you must understand that all beaches and bathing areas are civilized waterfronts with enclosed sandy or pebbly strips. You can get browned only on deck-chairs there. So, if you like lonely small bays or wild beaches, you can scarcely find any such place.

Every city has its own tourist population, and even its history related to famous people. Writers, painters and rich industrialist of XIX century, as well as movie stars and millionaires of XX century, thought it a kind of prestige to spend there a lot of time in a company of their peers. There's no sense in enumerating all the great people who have ever spend there their holidays. It would be enough to say just this: «EVERYONE has been here!»

Monaco, Cannes, Nice and St. Tropez are the most fashionable and expensive resorts on Azure Coast. Antibes is a youth resort with active night life represented by local youth clubs, however, respectable public is also quite numerous there. St. Tropez is a favorite place of artists (they are always crowded on the waterfront) and simply rich people from all over the world. Cannes hardly needs any introductions, you just remember the international film fes-tival to know local public.

You can single out Monaco, also known as Monte-Carlo (by the main city of the Principal-ity of Monaco) among all other resorts of Azure Coast. You should visit Monte-Carlo, even if you aren’t going to win a million at the local casino.

The casino of Monte-Carlo was opened in 1878 and is a remarkable sight in itself. If you have a suit and a tie, you can go inside and look around the casino. Nearby there are the prince's palace, luxurious hotels and restaurants. The neighboring botanical garden also de-serves your attention.

Various and very interesting excursions are offered on Azure Coast. From any resort you can make a trip to Italy. This region of Italian coast is also called Flower Riviera or Riviera dei Fiori consisting of such resorts as Ventimiglia, San Remo and Bordighera. There is also one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe – the Hanbury Botanical Garden.

Those who love mountain landscapes can visit some places in the south of France – me-dieval hamlet Eze, glacier circus of Gavarnie, the famous Roland's Breach, and the gorge of Verdon. You can also go to Mont Blanc or even Matterhorn. A trip to Avignon would be an exciting experience. It takes several hours to get to it from any local resort, so, you should spare at least 1-2 days for the purpose and stay there overnight.

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