The Kazan Kremlin is the main sight of Kazan. It is located on the high bank of the river Kazanka, near the place where it joins the Volga river. The main fortress of Volga Bulgaria was located just in that place. After it was conquered by the troops of Ivan the Terrible the Khanate of Kazan was annexed to Russia.
Bauman Street is the main pedestrian street of the historical center of Kazan. The street is often passed both by tourists and natives, as it connects all the main sights of Kazan.
Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is considered the most beautiful temple of Kazan. The cathedral was built in the style of Russian or «Naryshkin» baroque in 1726. It is very richly decorated both inside and outside.
The building of the National Museum of Tatarstan is opposite the Spasskaya (Savior) Tower of the Kazan Kremlin. The expositions related to the history, culture and everyday life of Tatarstan from the ancient times to our days are held at the museum.
Having a stroll on Petersburg Street you may turn to the Millennium Park. The Millennium Park was created by the 1000th anniversary of Kazan on the shore of Low Kaban Lake.
When at the Kazan Kremlin you may descend to the embankment of the Kazanka river through the Resurrection tower and have a walk in the park of farmers. It is a very beautiful and quiet place at the walls of the Kazan Kremlin. And it is there that the Palace of Farmers is located.
Embarkment of Kazanka river in Kazan
The memorial Lenin museum house was opened in 1937. Now it is the oldest museum in Tatarstan. The museum is in a wooden house of the Orlovs. The house itself was built in 1870. It was preserved in its original state to our days. The furnishings of the house are as they were when the family of Ulyanov lived in Kazan.
The bell tower of Bogoyavlensky (Epiphany) Cathedral is one of the most conspicuous sights of Kazan. It is in Bauman Street. This tent-shaped structure was built in 1731.
St.Nicolas Dom Cathedral
The Kazan museum of socialist culture is in Bauman Street, the immediate vicinity of the Bogoyavlenskaya bell tower and the Tukay Square. The museum may be interesting for all foreigners, as well as for the younger generation of Russian people.
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