The churchyard of Kizhi, the world`s famous monument of ancient architecture, is on a small island in the north of Onega Lake. You can reach it only by a ship from the city of Petrozavodsk, which is 68 kilometers from Kizhi
If you want to have a rest in the open, far from civilization, but don’t want to spend several hours flying to Siberia, then Karelian region is just what you need. It has won-derful opportunities for eco tourism, most beautiful northern landscapes: pine woods, numer-ous lakes and rivers with islands. All Karelian lakes are dotted with hundreds of islands, lend-ing them the special beauty. As a rule, the shores of the lakes and rivers are rocky, and eve-rywhere you can see cliffs and skerries, as well as huge boulders, overgrown with mosses, in a word, severe northern beauty can be seen everywhere
Ruskeala marble quarries, located 30 km to the north from Sortavala, is one of the most interesting attractions of Karelia. For several centuries here on the bank of the river Tokhmayoki marble was extracted, which was used to build palaces in St. Petersburg
Ladoga Lake is the biggest lake in the Russian Karelia with a tremendous tourism potential. The lake is especially beautiful in its northern part, with its bluffy shoreline, scenic northern nature, good environmental conditions, and has everything you will need for a quiet, lonely rest and fishing
Kivach, in spite of its modest height, only 11 meters, is the third largest (by the volume of water) waterfall in Europe. All territory around the waterfall was given the status of a national park where there remained the primeval nature of Karelia
If you plan a boat trip to the Solovetsky Monastery through Belomorsk, you must visit the place called Zalavruga on the Vyg stream in the environs of Belomorsk. It is there, over the marshes, that the big stone plateau is located, where the prehistoric people drawn scores of petroglyphs
On the way back from the Ruskeala Marble Canyon you should stop at the Ruskeala waterfalls on the river Tokhmayoki. They are just on the way, so this stop will be both convenient and very interesting
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