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Currently, this country not only takes leading positions in global economic and political life. USA also has extraordinary tourist attractiveness. From eastern to western coast, you can find some curious natural sites, wonderful cities or simply interesting places almost in every state. And after exchange rate of dollar was somewhat reduced, it began to attract all lover of good shopping as well.

America has several hundreds of national parks. The most famous and most beautiful of them are in highland regions of the country, for example the Great Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Death Valley, Arches, Sequoia and many other national parks. And almost all of them are worth visiting.

The cities of America are quite different from those of the Old World. They are full of energy. There are no historical ruins in the country, but its sky scrapers create peculiar atmosphere for recreation and new impressions, especially for European tourists. They go there not only for tours and excursions, but they try to understand the American way of life.

New York is the most wonderful city. Most tourists from Europe go just there. In the city everyone can find something to its taste. And Manhattan's gorge-like thoroughfares with their sky scrapers could give you a complete impression of the city. New York has a lot of places which are worth visiting, such as Broadway and the Fifth Avenue, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty.

If you are interested in the history of USA, you should go to Washington or Philadelphia. In Washington you can make some tour over the historical complex of Capitol, and in Philadelphia you may visit places connected with signing of the Independence Declaration.

Los Angeles and San Francisco have a peculiar atmosphere. And you have to live in these two cities for a while to feel it. In Los Angeles you can have a promenade on Rodeo Drive or make a trip to Hollywood, and in San Francisco you can make a tram tour over its picturesque hills. Also, you can go to Las Vegas and not only because of its casinos but for the sake of the city itself.

Because of its climate America can offer excellent opportunities for beach vacations almost all year round. The best resorts are on the eastern coast, in Florida. Also, you can have a good rest on the nearby islands of Caribbean Sea. And finally, you can find some good resort in California.

However, the Hawaii are still the best beach resort. They are in the middle of Pacific Ocean and it takes four hours to get there from San Francisco. You should stay in the capital of the Hawaii, Honolulu. It can offer you the most beautiful beaches, including famous Waikiki, as well as excellent opportunities for surfing and windsurfing. Also, you can easily make trips to Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park or Kawaii Island. And finally, Honolulu has an active night life.

Also, you should tell something about the three most famous national parks of USA, such as the Great Canyon (Colorado), Yosemite (California) and Yellowstone (Wyoming). Each of them has something special. Thus, the Great Canyon is noted for its impressive size, Yellowstone – for its geysers, and Yosemite – for its beautiful mountains and waterfalls. So, if you can spare some time, you should go to at least one of these national parks.

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