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There is no other country in Europe which could be so proud of its history. Roman Empire has dominated in the world for almost 600 years. And you couldn’t overestimate its contribution to development of the entire European civilization, - its art, architecture and law. Actually, they laid the foundation of all today's society.

Almost everyone would like to go to Italy. And moreover, each Italian city (even small ones) has a great number of historical sites, so you can go whenever you want and won't be disappointed.

You should start your trip over Italy from Rome. This city has always attracted tourists. And indeed, it is very beautiful. Possibly, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rome has a lot of historical sites of different periods. It could take a day to only visit the ancient Roman Forum and Capitol and Palatine Hills. Famous Coliseum and Circus are also there. Also, you could spend a day in Vatican, including its most interesting museums. And there are quite a number of such historical sites.

However, there are many other interesting cities. Venice is a particular romantic city. Annually it is visited by a great number of tourists. And probably any loving couple dreams of a gondola tour over Venetian canals, or a stroll on its famous embankments.

Florence is the city of Italian art. There you can feel the atmosphere of an Italian medieval city in the period of its prosperity.
Milan is the city of high fashion. Siena is the city of narrow medieval lanes. Pompeii can give you an unforgettable impression. Aosta is the city of medieval fortresses. Pisa, Verona, Turin, Bologna … and this enumeration could be interminable.

Apart from historical sites, Italy can offer excellent opportunities for seaside vacations as the country is circumfluent by warm seas. The best beaches are in Sardinia. Though, you can find some good bathing spots in many other parts of Italy. The best beach resorts of the country are Amalfi (near Naples), Rimini (not far from Bologna), and Lido di Jesolo.

If you like downhill skiing you should go to the Alps in the north of the country. There you'll also have an opportunity to visit some historical cities. And if you have a car, you can make a trip over the highland areas of Switzerland, as well.


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