About sight: Hofburg

The palace is located on the site of Celtic and then Roman settlement. It is known that the first palace, from where the Austrian monarchs ruled, appeared as early as 11th century, but the oldest surviving building of Hofburg is Schweizerhof (Swiss Palace) built in 1547. Opposite Schweizerhof the Palace of Amalia (also known as Amalienburg), widow of the emperor Joseph II, is located. It was built in 1575.

The appearance of Hofburg, which had shaped for several centuries, was due to the custom of Austrian emperors not to occupy the chambers of their predecessors. Architectural styles changed, and Hofburg was rebuilt and extended. Today it consists of 18 buildings (wings) and 19 courts. There are 2600 rooms in the palace.

Neue Hofburg (new imperial palace), built during 1879-1908, is also overwhelming. The building has a huge concave façade, with columns on the first floor. In front of many palaces monuments of emperors and military leaders were generally erected at different times. Today Hofburg accommodates the residence of the President of Austria.

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