About sight: Schönbrunn

Since 16th century there located the emperor's estate with a small hunting palace on the site of today Schonbrunn Palace. About the same time the «Schöner Brunnen» (fine spring) was discovered there, and so the estate was given this name.

In 1683 the hunting palace was destroyed during the Turkish siege of Vienna. On its site the most famous Austrian architect of the time Fischer von Erlach built to-day Schonbrunn Palace in 1700. The palace has rather stern facades with modest finishing in the style of classicism. The empress Maria-Theresa loved Schonbrunn Palace very much and preferred to reside just here and not in Hofburg.

The palace is surrounded by a huge park. Near the palace the park is regular, but far from it there are some «wild» corners. At the top of the hill where Schonbrunn Palace might have been located in accordance with the initial project of Erlach, there was built a beautiful glorieta pavilion in 1775.

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