St. Stephen`s Cathedral (Stephansdom)

About sight: St. Stephen`s Cathedral (Stephansdom)

The main sacred site of Austrian capital, St. Stephan's Cathedral, was built by the bishop of Passau during 1147-1164. Two western towers at once were given the name of «Heidentuerme» or pagan towers, as they were built of materials taken from the former Roman military camp.

The cathedral is 107 meters long and 70 meters wide. The entrance of the central nave is called the Riesentor (gates of giants). In 1365, during the construction of collegial abbey headed by the bishop with the title of a prince, king Rudolf ma-naged to withdraw Vienna from the jurisdiction of bishops of the city of Passau.

The tallest southern tower, also known as ‘Der Stefll’, was finished in 1433. The tower is 136 meters high. The architect Hans Puchspaum began to build the second, northern tower in 1440. According to the legend, he concluded a deal with Satan to quickly finish the tower, but he broke it, and the tower collapsed. In 19th century it was decided to build the northern tower again, but the residents of Vienne decidedly resisted these plans.

Colored medieval stained glass windows have survived in the cathedral until nowadays. The main altar of the cathedral (Wiener Neustadt Altar) was made in 15th century. Many well-known personalities of the Austrian Empire have been buried in the cathedral.

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