About place: Wachau

Wachau. The valley of Wachau stretches for about 30 kilometers between the cities of Melk and Krems. Danube River is the major waterway of the valley, down which multiple pleasure boats cruise. Surrounded by rocky hills the valley of Wachau has a lot of historical sites, so it can be considered one of the most interesting river cruise routes in Europe.

Melk, a city located 80 kilometers west of Vienna, is the gate of Wachau. You could take a boat to Melk in Vienna, however, it would be easier and faster to go to the city by a train, and start your tour over the valley from there.

In Melk you should see the magnificent Benedictine monastery. This is one of the oldest monasteries in Austria. Today huge building was constructed in 18 century.

On their way from Melk to Krems, ships stop at two places – Spitz and Durnstein. Durnstein would be the most interesting stop. There are many foot paths in the beau-tiful surroundings, so you could stay overnight in this small town. Also, you could see the ancient castle of Kuenringerburg. However, there have been remained nothing but ruins of this castle, the story of Richard the Lion's Heart imprisonment attracts a great number of tourists. The king of England returning from the crusade was made prisoner by the Duke Leopold V and was retained at the castle of Durnstein for nearly a year until they collected the ransom for him in England.

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