About place: Halstatt

In the course of several thousands of years this city was engaged in salt extraction, though it would be rather difficult to call this place a city. As the population of this settlement located on the shore of Hallstatter Lake has never exceeded one thousand people, both today and two thousand years ago.

The oldest salt mines in Europe are located in Hallstatt. They are in use for over 3 000 years, and some people even consider Hallstatt as the most ancient settlement in Europe. According to materials of archaeological excavations, it has been more than 4 000 years old.

In 1595 between Hallstatt and Ebensee there was constructed the world's first indus-trial pipeline used to transport dissolved salt from hard-to-reach Hallstatt to the trading city of Ebensee.

Apart from «industrial» sites, one can enjoy magnificent mountain landscapes in Hallstatt. The narrow strip of the city is on the shore of the lake at the foot of steep slope. The Church of St. Michael on the shore of the lake is one of the most recog-nizable views of Austria.

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