Krimmler Falls

About place: Krimmler Falls

You can get to the small village of Krimml by the road from Zell am see to Soelden. In summer time the cascade of three waterfalls with overall height of 380 meters (every stage is 100 meters) is one of the most full-flowing ones in Europe, however, their height is much inferior to that of Norwegian waterfalls, some of which are twice as high as the Krimmler Falls.

The Krimmler Falls are surrounded by the peaks of 3 000 meters including Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria, reaching the height of 3798 m. Pictu-resque mountains and valleys create beautiful Alpine landscapes, attracting a great number of tourists. There are always a lot of people there in summer. With the path of 4 kilometers leading to the source of Salzbach River, almost everyone can climb up there, but if you feel yourself strong enough to climb up to the viewing point Bergerblik, you will see even more impressive scenery.

At the foot of Grossglockner, you can visit one of the most beautiful villages in the Upper Austria – Heiligenblut. The Church of St. Vincenzo, which was built in 1460, has a very picturesque look against the background of mountain peaks.

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