About place: Eisreisenwelt

This wonderful place is in the environs of Salzburg, at the Austrian town of Werfen and German town of Berchtesgaden. For several thousand years the Salzbach River has formed the underground ice world in the Tennengebirge Mountains. It was called Eisreisenwelt, which translates as the «world of ice giants».

Eisreisenwelt is the world's largest maze of ice caves covering some 40 kilometers. The entrance of these caves is a hole in the side of the mountain slope at the height of 1640 meters. If you are going to visit the caves, you must be prepared for much walking, including up the side of the mountain, to get to the entrance, although in 1955 there was built a cable road making it possible to pass the most difficult sections of the ascent.

From the caves' entrance you will have a magnificent view of the High Tauern, how-ever, the inside of the caves will be at least as beautiful. The walls of halls and pas-sages are covered with 20-centimetre thick ice, and winds constantly blowing into the caves change the color of ice. The names for halls of the caves have been taken from the Scandinavian mythology, for example, the Hall of Odin, the Hall of Hymir and the Hall of Frigg.

As within the caves minus temperature is kept all round the year, planning a visit to Eisreisenwelt you must wear warm clothes and anti-slip shoes. You don’t forget to put on gloves, as all rails are made of iron and cold. Generally, your health must be all right, or otherwise you will be too tired of long stay in the ice underground, even if it is as beautiful.

The caves are open from March through October. The last visitors are let in at 16.30. In the town of Werfen, near which Eisreisenwelt is located, you may see the Hohen-werfen Castle, which is already over 900 years old.

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