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Bathing in the Dead Sea would be your most wonderful experience. Snapshots of vacationers who read newspapers floating on the waters of the Dead Sea have already become classic-al. You can swim only a short distance from the shore, and that only if you swim on your back. It is the most convenient style of swimming. Also, you can be breast-deep in the water, as its re-sistance is so strong that you feel a kind of weightlessness.

You can not be in the waters of the Dead Sea for more than 15 minutes. By all means should you avoid penetration of water in eyes or mouth, and after bathing you must take a shower, so that the salt won't shrink your skin.

The only seaside resort of Jordan is at the northern side of the Dead Sea, not far from the mouth of Jordan River. It is called Suweimeh. There are four hotels – three five-star hotels: Mariott, Movenpieck, and Kempinsky, - and one 4-star hotel, Dead Sea Hotel. It is an expensive pleasure to stay in the hotels, but they have absolutely everything for good relaxation, which is essential for vacations and treatment on the Dead Sea.

South of Suweimeh there is a wild beach. It is frequented by natives. However, there are no shower booths on the beach, and you must take a shower, so that the salt won't shrink your skin.

A bit southward there is Wadi Mudjib. They offer tours of this gorge, but you should find out whether it is open for visiting. The route is fairly difficult, so you must have at least basic training for highland trekking and convenient footwear.

Several kilometers to the north of Suweimeh there is a place where Jesus Christ was baptized. Vifavar is mentioned in the Bible, and excavations are being carried out there.

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