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Petra is in the south of Jordan, near Wadi-Musa. There are a lot of various hotels in Wadi-Musa, so when planning a trip to Petra, you should stay overnight in the city, to have an oppor-tunity to spend a day among the ruins of Petra. Petra has such a large area that for 2-3 hours (which is the extent of tours offered by Jordan cabmen) you can get only the slightest impres-sion of the ancient city. As a result, you would leave absolutely unsatisfied.

The famous Siq is at the entrance of Petra. The gorge stretches for one and a half kilome-ters. The rocks reach the height of several dozens of meters, and in some places the width of the passage doesn’t exceed 3 meters. The Siq was easy to defense, so for a long time it was inaccessible to enemies.

The most famous and impressive sight of Petra, - facade of the building of Treasury, is at the end of Siq. This huge building has the height of 42 meters. It was just there that the film of Indi-ana Jones was shot.

On the right there is an open space built with a number of former temples, palaces and common houses. The amphitheatre looks very impressive. And the dimensions of the city are just astounding.

If you will have time, you should ascend to the ‘Upper’ Monastery, which is similar to the Treasury, but is located on the open and very picturesque place. The climb would be rather long and difficult, but it worth the efforts.

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