Russian State was formed in IX century in Velikiy Nov-gorod, and then the capital was moved to Kiev. However, in the period of feudal disunity, in XII century, Vladimir-Suzdal Princedom, with the center in Vladimir, became the strongest one
At the end of XIII century Vladimir-Suzdal Princedom became the most influential among all the other princedoms of the ancient Rus. After Andrei the God-Loving built Assumption Cathedral in 1158, his successor prince Vsevolod the Great Nest laid down the foundation of Dmitrievsky Cathedral, in honor of his newborn son Dmitry, in 1195.
The Golden Gate is considered one of the most important monu-ments of the ancient Rus architecture. They were built in 1164 by Andrei the God-Loving, almost at the same time as Assumption Cathedral.
A long 3-floor building is between two old cathedrals, those of Assump-tion and St. Dmitry, at Lipki Park in the very center of Vladimir. The classic style building with columns was erected in 1785.
The Nativity Monastery was founded in 1191, about the same time as Assumption Cathedral and St. Demetrius Cathedral, the main sacred places of Vladimir
The Assumption Convent was founded by Vsevolod the Big Nest, the Grand Prince of Vladimir, at the very end of the 12 century. The first records of the convent date back to 1200
The museum «Old Vladimir» is located in the former building of the water tower near the Golden Gate. The water tower is a monument of architecture too. It was erected in the middle of 19 century when there arose the question about urban water supply.
Museum Old Vladimir
Vladimir history museum was created in 1854. However, it was decided to erect a separate museum building only in 1900 when its collections were significantly increased. The construction was commissioned to the architect P. Begen. The 2-floor neo Russian style building of red brick was fi-nished in 1906. It was located not far from St. Dmitry Cathedral.
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