Because of its powerful walls the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, laid down in 1216, was used as the acropolis and center of defense. Since that time the monastery also housed the treasury. Now it is the most interesting sight of Yaroslavl
The Church of Elijah the Prophet may be quite rightly put among the gems of church architecture and painting. The frescoes performed by the painters of Yaroslavl in the 17 century survives intact to the present day
Assumption Cathedral of Yaroslavl was laid down in 1215, a year before the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery that survives to the present day. The Assumption Cathedral was more than once rebuilt and was destroyed in 1937, but on the occasion of the celebration of 1000th anniversary of the city it was restored on its original place
In 1010 at the place where the Kotorosl` river falls into the Volga, the main navigable river of Russia, the prince Yaroslav the Wise founded a new town called after him Yaroslavl. Now at the place called the Strelka (spit) a beautiful recreation zone with musical fountains was created. High embankments run around the Strelka, that is, the town was on the fairly tall hill. You could have the most beautiful view on the Strelka from the Pavilion on the Kotorosl` embankment, located near the reconstructed Assumption Cathedral
At the beginning of 19 century Yaroslavl was the main city of Yaroslavl province, and important economic center of European Russia. In 1821 the emperor Alexander I took a decision to build a residence for the governor
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