The small single-domed Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Savior is the oldest church of both Pereslavl-Zaleski and the entire Yaroslavl region. It is in the center of Red Square where the prince’s residence was located in the 12 century
On the southern side of Lake Pleshcheevo is a hill rising above the city. It was always called «goritsa». At the beginning of the 14 century, in the reign of Ivan Kalita, on the hill the Assumption Monastery was founded, which was always called Goritsky. Later the monastery was officially renamed the Goritsky Assumption Monastery
The Botik of Peter the Great Museum Estate is one of the oldest museums outside the capital cities of Russia. It was created by I. M. Dolgorukov, the governor of Vladimir province, in 1803. Its main exhibit is the original boat of the «toy fleet» Peter the Great used to learn to sail on waters near Moscow
According to the legend, the Nikitsky Monastery, the oldest monastery in Pereslavl-Zaleski, was founded in 1010. However, the more realistic time of its foundation is 12 century. The monastery is on the north-east bank of Lake Pleshcheevo near the Kleshchinsky complex, the gorodishche (site of ancient town) of the Finno-Ugrian tribe of Merya
Nikolsky (St. Nicholas) Convent was founded in 1350 by St. Dimitri of Priluki. The convent was repeatedly ruined, and restored including its main church – the St. Nicholas Cathedral
The Holy Trinity Danilov Monastery was founded in 1508 by the monk Daniel. Today it is one of the most impressive and beautiful monasteries in Pereslavl. The monastery is on Moscow highway near the Feodorovsky Convent
The Feodorvsky Convent is at the entrance to Pereslavl-Zaleski, if you go from Moscow. In the past it was the richest monastery in the city. The first records of the convent date back to the 15 century
Kleshchin, the remains of the ancient Slavic gorodishche, is on the northwestern side of Lake Pleshcheevo beyond the Nikitsky Monastery. The Blue stone, the sacred thing of the ancient Slavic tribes, is at the foot of this gorodishche on the shore of Lake Pleshcheevo
The Blue stone is one of the few ritual things surviving from the time of the pagan Rus. At present the Blue stone is on the eastern side of Lake Pleshcheevo beyond the Nikitsky Monastery. It is 50 meters from the bank
Apart from a great number of historic sights of Pereslavl-Zaleski you should also note Lake Pleshcheevo, which is a national nature park where you can find an endemic fish – the Pereslavl ryapushka or freshwater herring
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