A well with «acid water», where was tapped in the end of the 19 century the big-gest spring of narzan, may be quite rightly considered the main sight of Kislovodsk. As a matter of fact, only due to it the city of Kislovodsk appeared, which became one of the largest balneotherapeutic health resorts in Russia
Kislovodsk resort park covers 950 hectares and is the biggest park in Russia and the second biggest park in Europe. A wide variety of trees and flowers – over 250 species – makes it very beautiful. And in the Rose Valley park one can enjoy the view of tens of species of blooming roses
No visitor was indifferent to the Rose Valley park, which is the most beautiful place in the resort park of Kislovodsk. Dozens of rose species from all over the world grow on the big flowerbeds ar-ranged as on a chess-board in the lower part of the valley
The building of the Main Narzan Baths occupies the central place on the Resort Boulevard, and, undoubtedly, is an architectural decoration of Kislovodsk. In the nearby Narzan Gal-lery they came to drink narzan and in the Main Narzan Baths they came to take a narzan bath
At present the October Narzan Baths are the main place to take narzan and ra-don baths. Actually, it was the only medical center outside sanatoriums, after the Main Narzan Baths had been closed
Pedestrian Resort Boulevard is one of the most popular promenades of all vaca-tioners in Kislovodsk. Between the Narzan gallery and the October Square its length is only 700 meters, however, the beauty of buildings and a great number of cafes and restaurants create the atmosphere of recreation
The waterfront of the Olkhovka river stretches from the Narzan galleries to the Pushkin monument, where most of the terrainkurs originate used by the vacationers to go up to the Resort Park
The lookout of the Red Sun mountain is the end point of most itineraries. Though, one terrainkur go on to the upper cableway station. From the lookout of the Red Sun mountain you can have a wonderful view of the entire Resort Park
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