About place: Eilat

•    What to see: Resort on the Red Sea coast
•    Where to go: South Israel
•    Season: April-May, September-November
•    Sighseeing: Coral beaches, waterfronts
•    Travel time: 1-2 weeks
•    Recreation types: Beach-related rest, night life

Eilat is in the southernmost part of Israel, and is the only city of the country having an outlet to the Red Sea. Considering that the main freight flow goes via the ports of the Mediterranean Sea, Eilat has been built as a full-grown resort.

There was created the tourist infrastructure, which quite adequate for comfortable vacations. There are splendid hotels along the coastline. Most of them are built in stepwise manner, making appearance of Eilat very recognizable. However, all these hotels either have tiny beaches or have no beaches at all, so for bathing you'd better go south where there are very beautiful coral beaches.

Eilat is situated at the shore of Aqaba Bay, surrounded by rather high mountains, which con-tributes to a very mild climate. You can bathe there even in winter time. As a rule, the tempera-ture of water doesn’t fall below 22°C. All this made Eilat a good variant for those European tourists who don’t like long flights, but want to have a rest at some resort with well-arranged infrastructure.

All round the year the resort is visited by many lovers of water sports. There is always a good wind for windsurfing and kayaking. And coral reefs of Eilat attract divers.

In the south of the city, near pyramidal movie house, there is a lot of night clubs and discos, so night entertainments aren’t the problem in Eilat. There are always many visitors in the clubs, moving from one establishment to another.

For those loving excursions, there is a wonderful opportunity to go to Timna National Park, featuring the famous mines of King Solomon. The park has many beautiful rocks tinted with var-ious colours, making highland landscapes extremely attractive.

If you have time, you should plan a trip to Jordan. Not far from the border there is Petra and Wadi Ramm. Each of them would demand at least a day, so if you haven’t enough time, you may limit your trip to Petra.

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