About place: Tel Aviv

Though Tel-Aviv is the largest city of Israel, it is quite suitable for tourists wanting to spend their daytime on the beaches, and their evenings at cozy cafeterias, clubs and discos on the embankment.

Unlike Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv has absolutely different atmosphere. There are many historical sites in the Old Town of Jerusalem, however, there is certain internal tension, which is due to division of the city into three separate parts: Arabic, Christian and Judaic.

There is nothing of the kind in Tel-Aviv, though the city is only 30 kilometers of Jerusalem. Tel-Aviv is full of energy and entertainment. While it is the business and financial center of Israel, there are wonderful beaches on the Mediterranean Coast, built with high-rise five-star hotels. There is a well-planned embankment going along the coast, which is a favourite walking place of the citizens and tourists.

There are no residential quarters in the neighbourhood of Tel-Aviv port, but there are a great number of restaurants, bars and night clubs. As soon as it gets dark the entire district is turned into a single party. At warm Mediterranean nights young people amuse themselves at full scale. Apart from night clubs, there often arranged beach discos similar to those of Ibiza.

If you would like to look around entertainment or trading centers, you should go to Allenby Street or Azrieli Center. One of the sky-scrapers accommodates the largest shopping & enter-tainment center in the Middle East. At the top of the sky-scraper you can visit the observatory or just have a panoramic view of the capital of Israel.

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