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Jerash, one of the most interesting cities of Jordan, is 30 kilometers to the north of Amman. When in Amman by all means should you plan visiting the city. If you can't visit both cities, you'd better go to Jerash, even if then you wouldn’t have time for Amman.

Jerash is one of the most preserved ancient Roman cities, along with Pompeii. The city was founded by Antioh IV, one of the successors of Alexander the Great, in Hellenic period. Already then it was called the «City of Thousand Colonnades», and its importance became even greater in Roman period.

Now Jerash is considered the most-preserved city of the early Roman period (Pompeii be-longs to later period). And though there preserved only few sights, they would have the strongest impression on you.

You should reserve at least half a day to see all the sights of ancient Jerash. You will have to go there in the morning, as the complex is closed at 4 in the afternoon. The first sight, which you would see in Jerash, is Hadrian's Gate. It is the most famous sight of the city. Then you would go along Hippodrome and then to the ancient Roman city.

The Temple of Zeus, ancient Roman forum and Southern Theatre are beyond the Southern Gate. The forum is surrounded by the colonnade of 56 Ionic columns. This huge historical site is almost completely preserved. Further, beyond the shopping mall, you can see the main buildings of Jerash. They are large colonnades and squares. There remained the ruins of several temples. There are also theatres, baths and many other buildings, reflecting layout of ancient Roman city-states.

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