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Cairo is the largest city in the Africa, with population of over 15 million people. Also, it is one of the largest transport hubs of the entire African continent, annually receiving millions of tourists. And they go there to see the only preserved World's Wonder, the Great Pyramids of Giza.

The Pyramids and the Great Sphinx will give you quite a special experience. They can not be compared with almost any other historical site of today's Egypt. And the main thing is not to merge with the crowds of tourists to understand the mystery of the pyramids. Also, you shouldn’t accept invitations to hire a camel or a horse at the entrance of the complex as there is no sense in it, but you must so estimate your powers as to get to the eminence giving a full view of all the three pyramids.

Egyptian Museum is still one of the main tourist attractions of Egypt and it is included in almost all tourist tours. And there is quite a good reason for it. For any lover of Egyptian antiquities (and such are everyone who ever get in Egypt) can there get introduced to all periods of ancient Egypt history, beginning from the first pharaohs to the Ptolemaic period when Egypt was incorporated into the Great Roman Empire.

However, you mustn’t confine yourself to only visiting the Pyramids and Egyptian Museum. It would be interesting to have a look at Cairo properly (in spite of its traffic jams and muddiness), particularly its Islamic districts. Islamic Cairo is mentioned in almost every tourist guide. It is an area of Arabic alleys where most mosques are located. But there only Al Azhar Mosque with adjoining park area and the Citadel are worth visiting.

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