About sight: Cairo Museum

You should visit the museum even if you think that visiting museums is a very boring matter. But Cairo Museum is an exception.

It dates from 1834 when the interest of the Europeans in the ancient Egypt reached the threatening scale. Most European consuls took a great interest in «Egyptian antiquities», and a lot of magnificent examples of Egyptian art were taken to Europe. Now you can see them in many European cities.

Shaping of the museum was very difficult. Thus, its first collection was eventually taken to Austria in 1855. And only in 1858 Auguste Mariette was able to create what is now worldly known as Cairo Museum.

Most exhibits of the museum are considered to be unique. They are sorted by different dynasties. They were discovered in the course of excavations of various ancient Egyptian temples.

Generally, tourists are most interested in the treasures of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, who lived in 1341-1323 B. C. As he died in a very young age, his tomb was hurriedly erected in the Valley of Tsars and quickly forgotten, and that’s why it wasn’t robbed. In 1922 the tomb was discovered by English archaeologist Howard Carter, and now you can see all its treasures in the Egyptian Museum. Most famous of them is the burial mask of Tutankhamun made of gold and incrusted with turquoises and cornelians.

You may see the royal «married couple», Amenhotep III and his wife Tiy (by the way, the most important constructions of Luxor were built just under this pharaoh). Traditionally, the wife of pharaoh was represented in the shape of a tiny statue beside the left foot of the huge statue of pharaoh. But here you can see two smiling faces of equally-sized sculptures. They were relocated from Medinet-Abu of Luxor.

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