Abu-Simbel: Abu Simbel

Aswan is the largest city of South Egypt. It is considered to be a good winter resort, though you could hardly apply the word «resort» to this city. You can not bath in the Nile, but certain spa procedures are offered in some costly hotels on Elephantine, such as Oberoi and Movenpick. Otherwise, Aswan can only be the starting point for trips to Abu Simbel as well as Philae.

In spite of its remoteness from all tourist centers Abu Simbel is daily visited by hundreds of tourists. They want to see two most magnificent temples of ancient Egyptian civilization, which importance can be equal only to that of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The temple complex of Abu Simbel was constructed by Ramses II approximately in 1250 B. C., so they are over three thousand years old.

Abu Simbel is on the territory of today's Egypt bordering with Sudan. But notwithstanding this rather risky neighbourhood, Abu Simbel trip is quite safe and you are bound to visit it if you are really interested in Egyptian culture.

Originally, Abu Simbel was a small Egyptian village, however, relocation of these temples allowed it to have an airfield daily receiving flights from the larger cities of Egypt (including Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurgada). Since plane is the most convenient way of visiting Abu Simbel. You should reserve 2 days for the trip. The city has enough various hotels and guest houses, so that you would have no problems with accommodation.

Bus is the other more widespread way of visiting Abu Simbel. Every day tourists order tours to the temple complex. They get up at 3 in the night, and at 4 in the morning they are fetched by a minibus. By 5-6 in the morning convoy of buses is made up in the south of Aswan, and the buses are guarded by a squad of soldiers. You are given 2 hours to visit the temples, and around 14 in the afternoon the buses start back to Aswan.

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