About place: El Gouna

Only 20 years ago El Gouna was but a sandy coast of the Red Sea. But in 1990 Orascom Development owned by the Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris offered the project of the entire resort of El Gouna. It is 22 kilometers to the north from Hurghada. Recently, there has been built an international airport.

The uniqueness of El Gouna as a resort is that on the coast the network of canals and islets was created where there located hotels, villas of rich Egyptians, and golf courses. Since the time of its building El Gouna was an elite resort. There are no multi-story hotels, all of them are uniform 2-3 story buildings. The hotels are facing the canals with cruising boats (in this, in opinion of Egyptians, El Gouna is similar to Venice, even though very remotely).

When planning a trip to El Gouna, you should know if you can bath, as most hotels are on the bank of shallow canals. From some hotels you can go to the sea on foot, and from the other ones – only by boat, which isn’t always convenient. However, it must be admitted that there are excellent beaches almost everywhere in El Gouna.

At most places the coast is very sloping, which is convenient for family tourists. Also, it should be noted that El Gouna has a lot of various aqua parks and children attractions, and each hotel provides animators with special programs for children, so El Gouna may be con-sidered one of the best resorts in Egypt for family vacations.

In El Gouna, only three hotels are on the coast of the sea: Movenpick Resort&Spa, Le Club Med and Sheraton Miramar. All of them are five star hotels. The rest of hotels (totally, there are 16 hotels in El Gouna) are four star rated (8 hotels) and three star rated (5 hotels) ones.

Opposite the island of Movenpick Kafr Quarter is located. There concentrated most enter-tainment establishments of El Gouna belonging to no hotel. At Kafr you may wander about the shops, sit at restaurants, and dance at discos. It is just there that El Arena is located, which is considered the largest open disco in Egypt.

If you don’t want to spend every evening at the hotel, you can use the Dinner Round ser-vice, allowing you to change the supper at your hotel to the supper at some other hotel. Also, it makes sense to visit the local golf club, which is considered to be one of the best in the Middle East and take lessons in golf on the course of 18 holes.

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