About place: Marrakesh

What to see: a city with eastern flavour;
Where to go: central part of Morocco;
Travel season: March-June, September-November;
Travel time: 2-3 days;
Recreation types: excursions.

Marrakech is a very specific Berber city. There you can not just see some curious sites, such as palaces, mosques or gardens, but feel the spirit of Arabic city, though you shouldn’t expect something extraordinary.

You just can not be indifferent to the city. And almost all tourists are satisfied when leaving Morocco. But strictly speaking, the beauties of Marrakesh are somewhat exaggerated in some tourist guides. And we should warn you to avoid any misunderstanding.

Every foreigner, as well as natives themselves, is lured by Djemaa el-Fna. At daytime it is a common square. Everything begins only as dusk descends. You may read about various performances given there nearly in all tourist guides.

Actually, it isn’t quite so. Now Djemaa el-Fna is essentially a huge marketplace. There opened a lot of food-stalls in the night. All of them are quite identical (differing only by their numbers), and have all and the same range of goods. Also, there are many stalls selling fresh orange juice. And indeed, it is very tasty.

As to entertainments (such as fakirs, snake charmers, etc.), there are some local music bands, mainly represented by drums, and dancing troops. And as soon as you approach any of the groups they began to demand 10 dirhams (or 1 euro) for their performances.

Also there are fortune-tellers and painters, as well as stalls with miscellaneous goods on the square. And that is all. As to snake charmers, they do appear but not at night but in the morning. And they may demand up to 100 dirhams to take a snapshot of their snakes, though they are generally satisfied with only 10 dirhams.

Here is modern Marrakesh. And all the same it is very attractive and you can always find something to do there. For example, at daytime you can look around medina quarter where there are many historical sites, as Marrakesh was once the capital of Morocco, and in the night you may go to some cafeteria opening to Djemaa el-Fna and feel the atmosphere of this wonderful city.

Generally, all those who stay in Agadir are offered a tour to Marrakech. And this is quite logical as the city of Marrakech is conveniently located (300 km), and can give you the very Berber exotica that they mainly come to Morocco for.

«Morocco's Imperial Cities»: Marrakech-Fez-Rabat-Meknes. It will take you several days to visit all these cities and you will hardly be impressed the variety of their sights. Each of the cities has a medina (or old town surrounded by the wall) and several mosques and palaces. Fez has the largest medina, and Marrakech has the second largest medina.

Actually, to get the notion of what the imperial cities are like, and for a certain time each of them was a capital city, it would be sufficient to visit only one of them. And Marrakech is the juiciest one. And the other cities are just variation of the same subject. So, it's for you to decide whether to spend several days on a tour of these cities.

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