How to get: Marrakesh

Air communication.

There is an airport in Marrakesh, so you can easily get to it by plane. And indeed it is the easiest way to go to Marrakesh as its airport receives many flights from most large cities of Europe. However, it only makes sense to fly there from one of the European cities, and not Casablanca (which is only 300 km of Marrakesh).


If you go to Marrakesh there is no sense in home flights, as all northern cities, such as Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, are about 300 km of this city. Besides, north of Marrakesh there is a good highway, so it wouldn’t take you much time to get to one of the above cities.

The other thing, if you go to Agadir. The highway goes through the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. And in some points it is very narrow, and so your speed can not be much higher than 10 km/h. All this would create a number of problems.

However, real problems may begin when you decide to go to Ouarzazate (south-east), to see ancient citadels or Kasbahs. Though Ouarzazate is only 200 km of Marrakesh, you'll have to cross the serpentine of Atlas Ridge. The road is very beautiful but much more dangerous. And it may take at least 4 hours to get to your destination. All will depend on your driving skills, traffic and weather conditions.


There is a railway station in the city where you can take a train to any of the northern cities: Casablanca, Rabat, Fes and Meknes. However, there are no railway lines in the south of the country because of the high Atlas Mountains.

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